[MUST READ] 5 Things Nigerian Students Can Do As ASUU And ASUP Strike Continues 

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Just when we thought the age of students having to remain an extra year in school owing to ASUU and ASUP’s pointless strikes was ended, they strike again.
This is a truly tragic story, as it has already caused significant interruptions to the school schedule.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for afflicted students to slip into a slacker mode, where they laze about doing nothing or wasting time that can’t be replaced. Throughout the strike, some students may waste time on frivolous activities that have no constructive impact on their lives.

On the positive side, you might be able to make this “indefinite” period worthwhile by reading through these activities students can do during the ASUU and ASUP strike that will help you get the most out of your time away from school.

1. Get A Job
2. Learn a new skill
3. Start a business
4. Travel
5. Volunteer

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