[Opinion] “I Belong to Everybody” And Buhari’s Politics By Ogbeni Toogun Skrtel Niyi

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Few days after obtaining expression of interest and nomination forms to either contest for Governor/Senate/President, 4 of the 10 Buhari Ministers withdrawn from the race to focus on their Ministerial job, it becomes 5 if you add the Minister of Youth and Sport, Mr. Sunday Dare, who although had a Senatorial ambition, never obtained form before President Buhari pulled an unexpected trigger that sent shock down the spin of the Ministers by telling them to resign to pursue their 2023 ambitions.

Amongst the Ministers that had to re-track was ofcourse the most powerful cabinet Minister – Abubakar Malami, Justice and AGF. Malami is seen to be and he truly is, one of the few right hand men of the President, his words have over the years become orders, his excesses is seen as being tolerated by the President and yet he dumped his Governorship ambition to retain his Ministerial appointment that will be terminated in just a year. Why?

The reasons are quite simple. First, Malami, who is already fighting a legal war to ensure a section of the reworked electoral act that mandates appointed political office holders to resign is trashed never believed Buhari could make such a move by asking them to resign as he’s banking on the strength of his current position to secure the party’s Guber ticket in Kebbi.

Secondly, because he’s politically unpopular, he had hoped that leveraging on his closeness to the President, Buhari will use his influence to help him get the ticket but it was glaring Buhari was not interested in helping him or anyone in the cabinet for that matter. So when Buhari could not help him after frantic efforts, his ship had to return to the harbor as a bird in hand is better than 100s of birds in the sky.

Now, the whole essence of these rhetorics so far is to say, like I warned in March, that any APC Presidential aspirant that wants to defeat Tinubu and stand on the podium of victory come May 30 SHOULD NOT COUNT ON PRESIDENT MUHAMMADU BUHARI

It’s just 9 days to the APC Presidential Primaries and one thing I can assure you at this point is that CONSENSUS IS NO LONGER AN OPTION, for me, it was never an option. Although, President Muhammadu Buhari still wields the power to make the pendulum swings anywhere he wants but for someone who has kept his cards close to his chest, for someone whom no one can claim to know where he belongs, you can begin to assume he probably has no card to play after all and on that basis, I’ll advice the Presidential aspirants seeking for the President’s supports not to count on it at this point even as they continue to seek for it to boost their chances

It’s very possible on this APC Presidential primaries that like Buhari said on the day he was sworn in on May 29, 2015 – HE BELONGS TO EVERYBODY and HE BELONGS TO NOBODY. Should that still be the case by this time next week, I can assure you Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu will win the APC primaries even if all other 23 aspirants come together to present a candidate amongst them.

Ogbeni Toogun Skrtel Niyi

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