Atiku’s Emergence, A Huge Leap At Rebuilding Nigeria – Atiku Mandate Movement

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Results of the presidential primary of the People’s Democratic Party where our Principal, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar emerged winner is a pointer to the fact that prayers of Nigerians for a better Nigeria is working. On this note, we must first of all congratulate every Nigerians home and abroad on the emergence of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as the presidential candidate of PDP.

Over the last 7years, Nigerians have unfortunately witnessed a grand misgovernance characterized by broad day heist in government establishments, Insecurity across the nooks and cranny of the nation, moribund infrastructures, nepotism and injustice in the unprecedented scale, economic woes, hunger, corruption and many other failures. One cannot list the many failures of this maladministration of APC in one piece. We can only console with citizens of this country who have in one way or the other been victims of this bad government.

With Atiku’s emergence, there’s an end in sight to all the problems bedeviling our dear Nation. It’s in order to be happy again as joy is around the corner. An Atiku’s presidency will rebuild, reunite, re-organize Nigeria and place it back in the comity of great Nations.

In the same vein, we want to congratulate the People’s Democratic Party on the success of it’s convention. This convention will go down in history as one of the very best we ever had in this Nation. PDP did excellently well in terms of organization, smooth process, transparency, accountability, comportness etc. The party has shown again that it’s the only democratic party with necessary tools and resources to place the country back on track. From state House of Assembly Primaries up to the convention, it’s abundantly clear that PDP is ready and well-prepared to return to power at the center and right the wrongs of APC

On the last note, we wish to congratulate our dear principal, a politician of great repute, an Administrator par-excellence, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. The Waziri of Adamawa is an exemplary leader with utmost management acumen needed to sail the ship of this country out of the ditch APC have put it. We equally congratulate everyone who are part of the Atiku team on this success. By this time next year, we shall be celebrating the election of our principal, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

God Bless Nigeria
God Bless the PDP


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