Breaking: United Arab Emirates (UAE) Bans Nigerians from entering Dubai, Gives Reasons

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The United Arab Emirates has reportedly suspended the issuance of visas to Nigerians following cultclashes between rival groups Eiye and Aiye erupted in Sharjah.

Multiple travel agencies and residents in Dubai have confirmed the development according to report.

One resident stated that a 10:00 p.m curfew had been imposed for all male Africans living in the region.

No official statement yet from the Emirati government and the UAE embassy in Abuja, could not be reached to comment on the issue as at the time of filing this report.

Last week, a viral video made the rounds on social media. In it, a group of men with machetes were yelling in an apartment parking lot, chasing one other and damaging public properties.

In a statement dated July 21, the police said the suspects are of African origin and warned residents against engaging in violence.

“The Dubai Police has arrested a group of people, who were engaged in a heated argument in their residence at late hours

The group of African people appeared in a viral video on social media platforms while fighting in a public place and damaging properties,” the statement read.

The police also said a criminal case has been
registered against the suspects and they will be referred to the public prosecution for further action.

A video from the incident shows young men with machetes wreaking havoc in the neighbourhood at night.

They broke the side windows of a car, destroyed other properties, chased after innocent residents, and generally disturbed the peace in the quiet neighbourhood.

The Dubai government is said to have taken it a step further by slowing down process for Nigerians applying for Dubai visa over the Incident. Reports claim that the Dubai authorities are currently not issuing visas to Nigerian men below the age of 36.

Reacting from Dubai, Nigerian actor Aremu Afolayan lamented that this decision reached by the Dubai authorities will affect hardworking Nigerians, said Nigerians have a right to legally be in Dubai and those Nigerians causing trouble in Dubai are most likely illegal.

“Pick up the trouble makers and don’t use that to destroy the livelihood of every other Nigerians,” he said in a video.

He added that everyone is an immigrant in other countries, therefore it will be wrong to judge all Nigerians based on the actions of a few.

“They make trouble and kill each other, take them to jail, do anything to them, they deserve it. But there are innocent Nigerians that need to feed,” he added. He also asked what the Nigerian ambassador to Dubai is doing to help Nigerians affected by the ban.

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