Tinubu sick but Nigerians spurring him for presidency because of money: Peter Obi 

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Nigerians urge on Bola Tinubu, the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress in the 2023 elections, despite his apparent ailment because his doles out money, says Peter Obi, the flag bearer of the Labour Party.

“Once he comes here and gives you money, you will say Jagaban is the best candidate even when the man is not well. That’s the problem of the country,” Mr Obi was heard saying at a meeting with Nigerians in Belgium recently.

The video was published by Njenje Media TV on YouTube on Saturday. Peoples Gazette cannot verify when the video was recorded but Mr Obi confirmed his presence in the European country on Thursday as he met European Union officials.

Speaking further, Mr Obi said, “somebody said to me that this candidate fought Abacha regime to stand still. That he even lost everything. I said, but he has two planes now. Where is his company? 

“My brother, we are in a crisis. 

“That’s why I’m pleading to all of us. Let us go and take back our country and run it like any other country where the leader is responsible to the people. The people can question the rascality and the behaviour of their leader. Bad behaviour has become a measure of success in our system.”

The health status of the APC presidential candidate has continued to generate concerns about his suitability for headship of Africa’s most populous nation.

In February, a video revealed how Mr Tinubu’s flowing garment was soaked from behind while his security aide covered his nose; a development that would insinuate that the politician was suffering from incontinence.

Mr Tinubu, 70, however, dismissed criticisms about his frail health, saying he does not need physical strength to be Nigeria’s president.

Abeeb Atanda

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