Ladies, See When to Have S#x If You Want To Get Pregnant or not

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Pregnancy doesn’t just occur after engaging in intercourse. Certain things such as the period you engage in intercourse also determine whether pregnancy will occur or not.

According to the publication of WebMD, timing intercourse as close to ovulation as possible is very significant. The best thing to do is to have intercourse often. Try engaging in it each day starting 5 days before you ovulate. Keep going one day after ovulation.

Also, you can try to get into a routine of having intercourse every other day, and don’t ponder about it.

Another option is to try the male gamete meets egg plan. Have intercourse every other day starting on day eight of your cycle. Start using an ovulation predictor kit on day 10 to know when you will ovulate. Once you have a positive outcome on your ovulation predictor kit, have intercourse every day for 3 days.

If you don’t become pregnant in six months, try to see a doctor. When you meet an expert in reproductive health, you may undergo a fertility workup.


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