See 6 Negative Side Effects Of Watermelon You Should Know, Number 3 is Very Important

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Water Melon is one of the most nutritious and refreshing fruit loved by many. While many might be in love with this fruit, there are some possible side effects of watermelon many are not aware of. In this article, we will be taking a look at some health issues associated with overconsumption of this delicious, juicy fruit as revealed by Healthline.

1. May Cause Cardiovascular Disorders In Some People:

According to Healthline, watermelon contains a high level of potassium. Overeating this fruit may lead to potassium buildup which can lead to cardiovascular problems. Some of the cardiovascular problems caused by excess potassium in the body include arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, absent or weak pulse, etc. Excess potassium in the body may also harm the nervous and motor controls of the body.

2. May Cause Intestinal Disturbances:

One of the disadvantages of consuming watermelon in large amounts is that it may lead to varieties of intestinal problems. The reason is that it is rich in lycopene and excess of this may lead to vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, and other digestive issues.

3. Not Good For Diabetics:

Watermelon can cause a spike in blood sugar because it is full of natural sugar. Diabetic patients are advised to avoid eating too much watermelon to prevent a sudden spike in their blood sugar levels.

4. Causes A Fall In Blood Pressure Level:

According to Healthline, excessive consumption of watermelon can cause a sudden dip in the body’s blood pressure. It is advisable for individuals suffering from low blood pressure to avoid it.

5. It Is Not Advisable For Pregnant Women:

As earlier stated, watermelon is rich in natural sugar and is capable of causing spikes in blood sugar levels. A common health issue affecting pregnant women is gestational diabetes. Consuming large amounts of this fruit will result in a spike in blood sugar, thus leading to gestational diabetes.

6. May Cause Loose Stools In Some People:

According to Healthline, watermelon consists of sorbitol which is a special type of sugar. Some people who are intolerant to this sugar may develop loose stools and gas after they eat watermelons.


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