The Federation of Iwoland Students’ Union threatened to shut down the Local Government Secretariat~ Read Reasons: 

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“One reason why Iwoland never developed despite the potentials of the young and active growing generation in Iwo is because those who have makes it don’t invest in the growing and rising of those coming behind them, an evidence of our political office holders.”

This current administration has began since January and over the last eight consecutive months, hardly have we received any support, sponsorship or partnership from any of these office holders, however they were short-cutting what is meant for the student given by the state government if not that we spoke, evidence of what transpired in July.

All efforts to reached the Sitting Senator, Sen. Engr. Adelere Oriolowo that is even from our town and local government since January had always prove abortive, the ridiculous part of it is the Honorable Representing us, (Ayedire/Iwo/Ola-Oluwa) at the Federal House of Representatives, Hon. Yinusa Amobi, there is this day we went to visit him on courtesy visitation, we met him speaking with two elderly person just some feet from where we sat and his aids was sent to tell us that he is not available, that he is currently performing his siesta (sleeping), even though we saw him sitting some feet across from us.

Since the inception of this administration, the local council under the Chairmanship of Hon. Kamil Ishola Adeniyi and the other two LCDAs, Hon. Rahman Lawal Abiola and Hon. Babatunde Tajudeen Ajani has not for once aid us in anyway and hardly is there a month we didn’t engaged in activities. We can remember vividly that the local council promised the Union a place to build one of our proposed project that was halted by the Local Government last year, (FILSU ICT CENTER) during the administration of Comr. Adepoju Saheed (AS-SAHEED) and till date, the promised is still there not yet fulfilled, most of the time we wanted to see the Chairman, he is always busy with one thing or the other, his busy schedule was so occupied that he is never available to aid the rising of his children, the student populace of the land. It is very well pertinent to note as stipulated in the Union constitution which has been certified since ages that the Local Council shall he responsible for the Running Expenses Cost of every administration that emerged, which we know and believed better sure that the Local Government is also aware off.

Also, where is Honorable Uzamot Halil (DODO) whom we believed to be a staunch man of youth and students, but we have never seen your own greenlight ever the beginning of this administration, so far so near we have seen what other state honorables have been doing for the students of their constituencies, you too come and organized atleast one program for the students of Iwoland, we are expecting you.

We can see evidentially from the attached pictures, the Indigenous Association from this same Osun State who’s activities were being sponsored by their respective Political Office Holders, are they also not busy with diverse schedules, or our own Iwoland Office Holders just choose not to be responsible for the rising of their young ones.

Now is the time to fact checked what each and everyone of them have contributed to our society and community they represent, especially their impact to the students community, our Secondary Schools are there with dilapitated buildings both in Iwo and extension, to this stand the whole Student under the aegis of Federation of Iwoland Students’ Union NHQ passed Vote of No Confidence in all the political Office Holders in Iwoland.

“Our demand remains that;
♦ each and everyone of them should bring something up for sustainability of Student Community through the Union
♦ add effectively in aiding the Union through the diverse programs that’s currently running and proposed to do.
♦Not limited to that, creation of sustainable empowerment for the students and Initiate Yearly Scholarship Program for Students in Higher Institutions
♦ Provision of MONTHLY Running Cost to aid the activities of the Union’s diverse movement and project”

And in thus, we gave all of them 7days Ultimatum, else we won’t avoid to gather all the students both young and old, from Secondary, Primary and Higher Institutions to closed down all their respective abode and offices in Iwo, and any outcome from this protest, the Union will not be held responsible for it.

Palace of Oluwo of Iwoland

Sen. (Engr.) Adelere Oriolowo
(Senator Representing Osun West Federal Constituency)

Hon. Yinusa A. Amobi
(Hon. Representing AYIWOLA Federal Constituency)

Hon. Uzamot Halil Adebayo (DODO)
(Hon. Representing Iwo at OSHA)

Hon. Kamil Ishola Adeniyi
(Chairman, Iwo Local Government).

Hon. Rahman Lawal Abiola
(Chairman, Iwo East LCDA)

Hon. Babatunde Tajudeen Ajani
(Chairman, Iwo West LCDA)

Engr. Mumini Olabanji Raheem
(S.A for Rural Development and Community Affairs)

Comm. Amidu Tadese Raheem
(Erstwhile Commissioner for Water Resources and Energy)

Police, Iwo Area Command

Iwo Board of Trustees (IBOT)



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