How Nigerian government can make life easier for youths – Junior Fidelis

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Serial entrepreneur , Iruedo Junior Fidelis popularly known as Fidel has stated that the Nigerian Government has so much to do to make life easier for the youths.

The Nigerian American business man revealed that his experience abroad has shaped his view and beseeches the Nigerian government to learn from other countries.

Fidel has had the opportunity of living in a country where its system works. He is of the opinion that it is however the duty of a country’s government to have the interests of it’s citizens at heart and work towards the actualization of those interests.

“The government have to learn to emulate what is going on in foreign countries. I remember over 6 years ago when I was in the UK they had a place called ‘Job Centre’ and at that place you could search online at their office or online for available jobs all types of jobs. And that same place was founded by taxpayers money they give unemployed people,” he said.

“I think about £150 every 2 weeks or every month I’m 100% sure if it was weekly or monthly and this helps and goes a long way! Because in Nigerian if you don’t have a job you have nothing, no money is coming from anywhere and nobody is coming to save you,” Fidel added.

The graduate of UEA University further said the government must create programs that could help the youths learn a trade create more jobs.

“Give grants to help small and big business, new and existing businesses. The government have to really allow freedom of speech as it seems people could get locked up for expressing themselves! I could go on and on. The government needs to care for its people. This is the difference between Nigerian and the foreign countries,” he opines.

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