Mohbad’s Lawyers Serve Naira Marley’s Marlian Records Contract Termination Notice

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On Tuesday, 25th 2022, Mohbad’s lawyers served Naira Marley’s Marlian Records with notice of contract termination. This comes off the back of the highly publicized disagreement between Mohbad and Marlian Records.

Content of the letter: The letter headed “Termination Notice” reads in part that Naira Marley orchestrated and carried out violent attacks on their client (Mohbad).

It also provided that Naira Marley has failed to pay all royalties and advances due to Mohbad as agreed in the contract entered into in a my 2019.

The notice stated that it was on the basis that Mohbad was terminating his contract with Marlian Records.

It also demanded that Naira Marley pay all the royalties, advances, and all monetary compensation due to Mohbad under the contract. The letter also demanded that Naira Marley hands back to Mohbad the catalog of all the songs released under Marlian Records.

Abeeb Atanda

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