Busted ! EFCC Reveals Identity of Governors who want to pay November Salary by Cash

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The Chairman of the Economic Financial Commission of Crimes, Abdulrasheed Bawa has revealed earlier on that some people with illegal wealth want to convert their money to dollars.

He disclosed that there is an ongoing process of thwarting that fraudulent act. This investigation has led to the arrest of one Kogi State Politician, Atumeyi who was caught with N1.4Million. 

The EFCC Chairman has now confirmed that 3 governors are planning to pay their state salaries in Cash to their workers. This is unfeasible by the precept of payment of workers’ salaries.

The EFCC chairman said, ”Let me tell you something, the Intel that I have yesterday and I would want you to take this thing very seriously. Already some state governments have some of this cash stashed in various houses and the rest are now trying to pay salaries in Cash in their state.

I don’t know how they want to achieve that but we have to stop them from doing that. Well, we are working, they have not paid the salaries in cash yet but it is a very serious thing.”


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