See Two New States That Were Proposed By The Nigerian Senate Committee

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There are currently 36 states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is important to point out that many states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria were created during the military era. Nigeria returned to democratic rule in the year 1999. However, no new state has been created in Nigeria since 1999. According to a report by the Punch Newspaper, the Senate Committee on media and publicly gave conditions for the creation of a few new states. Let us carefully identify two of them.

1. Itai State

According to a report by the Punch Newspaper, this is one of the new states that were proposed to be created by the Nigerian Senate. Itai State would be carved out of Akwa Ibom State in the South-South geopolitical zone of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

2. Abuja State

The Punch Newspaper also reports that the creation of Abuja State was also considered. It should be said that Abuja is currently the federal capital territory of Nigeria. However, people have suggested that Abuja should be given the status of a state.

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