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It’s to be recalled that the personality and the political history of the said Aagba prince who is known to be a political prostitute, a serial betrayal and a man whose integrity within the party and the community is like that of judas Iscariot in the bible, how can we forget so soon how he horridly cross-carpeted to the progressive fold immediately Governor Oyinlola of PDP was sent out of office in 2010, while as at the time of the sack, the said prince was a special adviser to Governor Oyinlola.

And today he’s behaving true to the character by doing same in less than 15 days Governor Oyetola of APC left office. We need not forget that he received salary till last day oyetola left office as a senior special assistant.

Of course, there is freedom of association and that gives anyone and everyone the privilege to belong to a party of one’s choice and even to disassociate himself/herself at will.

However, it will never be tolerated when a man of such ugly character and history of countless Judas’ behavior covers up his dirt using AAGBA a community made of men and women of impeccable and distinct character.

He claimed holier than thou in the resignation letter he wrote to the party pretending to love Aagba more than anyone else and nothing significant could be attributed to his personal and political record that he brought as development to Aagba in his over 12 years of been a political consumer of the state cake both with PDP and APC.

An SSA of the the governor who has never for once visited the party even at ward level with one single kobo in his 3 years SSA term neither did he make one single personal donation to aagba day yearly celebration, (Yoruba adage says; ile lati maa nko mesan mewa lo sode).

He as well claimed that the chairmanship position of the BORIPE NORTH LCDA was taken away from Aagba to Ada as against the rotational agreement between ORORUWO, AAGBA and ADA. May I put the record straight for documentation purpose that the progressive minded people of Ada never betrayed that agreement, as a matter of fact they supported Aagba for the chairmanship even with a letter addressed to the party and Mr Governor himself reminding both about the rotational agreement that never had IREE, the LCDA Headquarters in it.

The bar. having known that Aagba was likely to be given the caretaker chairman but most definitely not him because of his lack of principle and trustworthiness that made Mr Governor not to appoint him as a special adviser that he desperately lobbied for but was later considered as SSA because our respected king (BABA ALAAGBA), notable sons and elder statemen of the community wrote a letter to the governor appealing for him to be considered. They were compelled to take that step because he wouldn’t let them rest.

Been a selfish man and betrayal, a character of him that is so visible even to blind, Rumors had it that he approached the highly revered great man of ADA baba micom telling baba of how many political office AAGBA have gotten while ADA is left with nothing. This made baba and mama TITI LAOYE to approach the governor to seek a redress which is explainable to any governor and that made Oyetola changed his mind and shifting the chairmanship to ADA and not even IREE that wasn’t part of the rotational agreement.

Till today he never denied his involvement in betraying Aagba as regards the rumor but still have the mind to rub the Party’s linen with mud just because he’s decamping to PDP and like he does, trying to tell PDP of his what he’s coming to snatch.

If not for ulterior motive and selfish reasons, complaining about ward congress result and caretaker appointment that happened over a year ago, while those involved are not complaining and still in the party unlike you who should have honorably left as at the time of incident but waited till you received all salaries and other benefits, who then is deceiving who?

Why then should ward party members and leaders have regard or believe the stories of a man who carted aways 2018 elections funds meant for AAGBA, stole and sold keke napep, generators and deep freezers that was donated to empower members of the party to mention a few.

Special regards to HIS EXCELLENCY ADEGBOYEGA OYETOLA for recognizing and rewarding the result-proved hardwork of Aagba in 2018 gubernatorial elections with many projects and appointments and on behalf of our Town and the party APC, we dissociate ourself from any decision of a political prostitute, we take it as a blessing to the party as God has removed a poisonous shaft from amongst us and we can now enjoy the cassava pounded yam without been suspicious of harm.



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