Breaking: Osun APC fires Adeleke for Non-Payment of November Salary

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The Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has described the alibi of Governor Ademola Adeleke for not paying the public workers who served former Governor Gboyega Oyetola their November salaries as flimsy, pedestrian and an afterthought hurriedly put together to cover up the wickedness, insensitivity and victimisation policy of the incumbent administration in the state.

In a statement issued by the Osun State Acting Chairman of the APC, Sooko Tajudeen Lawal, in Osogbo today, the excuse advanced by Governor Adeleke for not paying the salaries was petty and unacceptable to his party as it’s unpopular and lacks any element of humanity.

It would be recalled that Adeleke stated that part of the reasons that he refused to pay the November salaries of the political employees and appointees who worked under the immediate-past Governor Gboyega Oyetola was because some of them are still in possession of the government vehicles.

Lawal disclosed that he wasn’t surprised that Adeleke could not get it right again with his afterthought as a reason for flagrantly allowing a section of the populace to suffer penury and lack because of the misjudgement of a rudderless administration which could not, for once, act in a way to dazzle the people.

The Acting State APC Chairman stated that those who have been doing thinking for the visionless and rudderless administration of Adeleke should cover their faces with shame as it is injustice to allow an innocent person to suffer for the real or perceived offence of another person.

According to Lawal: “How on earth for God sake would a governor just wake up from the wrong side of his bed and choose the prioritization of the oppression of the poor like the drivers and domestic staff simply because they worked for a government which is a continuum under another party?

“The reasons given for withholding the November salaries of those who worked under Oyetola’s administration defy logic and rational thinking as it wasn’t all the political appointees and employees that were entitled to a government car as part of their working necessities in the office.

“The seizure of the November salaries of those who worked under former Governor Oyetola by Adeleke is an extension of his usual playing of politics of immaturity, wickedness and vendetta which is a sharp contrast to the oath of office that he took on welfare and security of lives and property.

“If I may ask those who are doing thinking for the elusive Adeleke, must his government be run in an haphazard manner without records to the extent that it is pretty difficult for its kitchen cabinet members to know those who are having any issue to thrash out with this government?

“It is a shame that the Adeleke government is playing to the gallery by exposing some drivers, domestic staff and their numerous relations to avoidable hardship during this period of Christmas and New Year festivities by denying them the salaries that they legitimately worked for.

“Adeleke should wake up and shun petty politics by paying the affected former public workers their salaries as any alternative to this is an embarkment to the political journey of perdition.

“Why the development is annoying and nauseating is that the money for the payment of the salaries under discuss had long been appropriated by former Governor Oyetola.


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