Just in: Osun Residents to protest against Adeleke’s decision to appoint Alowonle as Park Manager

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After Governor Ademola Adeleke banned the National Union of Road Transport Workers’ (NURTW) rallies in parks throughout Osun State, a group of young people organized under the banner of the Coalition of Osun Youth Voice threatened to launch large demonstrations.

The group’s leader, Comrade Adebisi Emmanuel, criticized Governor Adeleke’s nomination of one Alowonle to the position of park manager in the state’s transportation sector in a statement released on Friday.

He expressed regret that the government’s decision was not based on any evidence of violent behavior on the part of NURTW members. Since most of the appointees are the ones inciting disturbances right after the new administration took over on November 27, 2022, the decision to disband the union and replace them with park managers was made only to encourage thuggery in the state.

“A terrible criminal who has caused mayhem in parking garages around the state has been hired as the park manager for all of them.” Two police officers were shot and destroyed property in Aregbe, while the suspected murder of a NURTW member is still pending resolution in court.

“It is really terrible for a responsible government that Osun indigenes voted for overwhelmingly to come on board and start to promote violence against a union that has been going about their legitimate activities,” the statement said.

It’s sad that this union is sitting on its hands while their tormentor, Alowonle, walks all over them because of NURTW’s history of violence; the union has made great strides in recent years.

Given that Alowonle has been a bellwether of violence in this state ever since this administration took power, we are concerned that this might spark protests.

We demand that Alowonle be removed from office, and if he is not, we will stage a large-scale demonstration against the government because we will not stand by while Osun State is converted into a place where lawlessness is tolerated


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