What To Do to Have a New Nigeria..By Apostle Paul Akinbiyi

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There is no doubt; every sector in our nation is under serious challenges. Our country has been in the valley of hopelessness and corruption for years and is still struggling to come out. We were supposed to be the real giant of Africa, but along the way, the standards of our country allow corrupt practices, and these have brought serious mismanagement to the country, and we are still there today. There is fire on the mountain of the country, but instead of Nigerians running to quench it, we have been complaining, arguing, blaming, and claiming rights, etc., while the fire keeps burning even till now.

There is one vital thing about the country, and that thing is that there have been a lot of prophecies and revelations concerning Nigeria through many clergies, musicians, article writers, philosophers, etc., which many positive parts of it have never come to pass, but I am very sure that this is the right time for the positive changes for the new Nigeria.

This article is not out of zeal, emotion, or pride but from the revelation of Almighty God. It is not to look down on any personality or to disrespect any leader in religion, tradition, or political circle but to bring answers to questions that have been asked by people praying, laboring, and expecting a national revival that will bring unity and positive changes that will usher in a new Nigeria.

I believe that after reading this article, you and I will go the extra mile like Graham Bell; he discovered the missing link in the invention of the telephone and adjusted it after Reese, a German school teacher, gave up efforts after many trials. Remember, a match stick can raze down a forest if it is lighted. Rosa Parks was one black woman who began the change of the racial system in America in 1955. Let us invest together to form a football team that will aim at scoring a goal at the football field of our nation to have fulfillment.

Now to the matter, in 2007, God told me clearly when I was praying personally for the nation, “Out of the North an evil shall break forth upon this nation, and there shall be great destruction upon this nation, the president’s heart shall perish, the Governors, Senators, Honorable, kings and all leaders shall be troubled, the priest shall be confused” I asked God why He would allow that and how long it would be. He said for Nigerians’ eyes to open for restructuring to have the real Nigeria; it will be for as long as Nigerians realize and call upon me.

Also, God told me what He is going to do in the new Nigeria if we can obey His instruction to call upon Him for help to restructure (details available in the book titled “Bitter truth Nigeria Christians must accept to have a new Nigeria with the Word of the Lord to prominent ministers of the gospel.Thousands of copies Printed and circulated free of charge in 2012). Ever since I have been doing all that’s within my influence to have a new Nigeria by recruiting people to keep praying for this nation as Kitty England did for her State Legislators when she could not lobby on the floor of the Assembly.

Recently, God told me that it is an urgent necessity for Nigerians to pray and call upon Him for help in restructuring to have a new Nigeria because the new Nigeria process will follow three steps: REVELATION, REVIVAL & REVOLUTION. Revelation simply means A manifestation of divine truth. Therefore, even the youngest Nigerians can see that we need to make some corrections for the nation to remain unified.Meaning, revelation has passed. Revival means renewed attention to something. Revolution means a vast change in a situation. Looking into the nation’s situation, we can see it is time for a revival. It is time for us to renew our attention to some things that needs to be restructured. Now is the time for us to put somethings in place for guidance before thinking of any general election.

Unfortunately, it is a pity that many of our leaders were not guided correctly at all, and many of our youth do not know the truth as part of our National Anthem reads. There are some things we are yet to do, and we must do before talking about any general elections. Have we ever sat down and analyzed that we don’t have a political party in Nigeria because our politicians only move from one party to another POLITICAL REFORMATION?

We should not forget that any man with the same mind can never make any changes. Meaning that we cannot have any real positive change through any political party for now until we have men with a change of heart. We need to ask ourselves. Are these politicians having our interests in by mind as Nigerians? Did Yoruba Nation fighter, Sunday Ighoho and his Biafra counterpart, Nnamdi Kanu want nations different from Nigeria? If not for the misruling of the nation.

Revival – It is time for religious leaders to stop deceiving their followers in the name of religion by stopping deceiving the poor and making them poorer while encouraging the rich to be more corrupt and richer at the expense of the masses. Let political leaders drop their personal ambitions for now.

The youths should have a heart for forgiveness for their leaders. The Northerners have to give a listening ear to others. It is time for us collectively to work together to redeem the glory of our nation to have the new Nigeria we are hoping for if we will learn from others. South Africa moved forward when they had South African peace and Reconciliation.

Northern Ireland got a solution to its crisis with the Good Friday Agreement. Also, as a powerful nation, America when they have challenged many years back, and things were though. After the senate requested a national fast and prayer day, Abraham Lincoln signed a congregational resolution that summarized the losses and troubles of the nation. After the senate requested a national fast and prayer day, Abraham Lincoln signed a congregational resolution that summarized the losses and troubles of the nation.

In 1989 a bill was introduced to congress that fixed the annual national day of prayer to be 1st Thursday in May. It later became a public law and was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan who commented ”On our national day of prayer, then we join together as people of many faith to petition God to show us his mercy and his love to heal our weariness and to uphold our hope that we may live ever mindful of his justice and thankful for his blessings” during the annual fasting and prayer for American president Clinton commented in 1993 through prayers our people take a moment away from concerns of everyday life of understanding the greater power that guides us. We come together in acts common to all religions in churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques.
Americans must come together to pray” In 1994, President Clinton said ”I encourage the citizens of this great nation to gather each in his or her manner to recognize our blessings and acknowledge our wrong to remember the need to seek guidance for our challenging future and to give thanks for the abundance we have to enjoy through our history”.
Looking at the examples above and ready to learn from them. I am convinced that if we come together and move for restructuring through a peaceful mediation, we will have the new Nigeria promised by God that we have all been looking for many years past, and the issues of instability, backwardness, stagnation, and insecurity will become history.

I have confidence through God that it is time for a new Nigeria, a united country that will move forward together as one. Long life to Nigeria as we will prepare to come together to seek guidance for our challenging future.
Yours Affectionately and Passionately,
For the new Nigeria.
Akinbiyi Paul Olusegun
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