Osun Gov’s Son Sleeps With Our House-help, Estranged Wife Alleges; Says Her Life is Under Threat

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Delectable Heidi Korth, estranged wife of Osun Governor Ademola Adeleke’s son, Sina Adeleke popularly known as Sina Rambo, few weeks ago made public announcement that she is quitting her marriage over allegations of infidelity and domestic violence.

Korth, on her Instagram stories accused Sina Rambo who is a cousin to music star, Davido and his sister of violence, as she shared videos, chats, and pictures to prove her claims.

In a new twist to the marriage saga, the estranged wife of Sina Adeleke, has taken to Instagram to make damaging claims about him.

First, she accused him of owing $48,000 to the hospital in Atlanta where they had their baby.
She called him a criminal and accused him of beating her up and starving their daughter.

She then shared a video of a girl she said was their house-help. She alleged Sina was sleeping with the girl and she told Sina that he is now free to sleep with all the house-helps in the neighbourhood.

She also called out their house-help for allegedly paying her back with evil despite how nice she was to her.

Korth wrote: “Peace Paul and Sina Adeleke, you are both disgusting and God will punish you.

Korth added that the marriage was over as she refused to succumb to abuse, while she promised to share more proof of her allegations.

 Korth has also raised the alarm over numerous alleged death threats she has been receiving.

She issued a public warning to individuals responsible for the hateful tweets, telling them to stop or face retaliation.

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Kiedi, who noted that she is a German citizen by birth and consequently, said she enjoys security from the German consulate.
She added that she had written to inform the Embassy of the death threats.

She wrote, “I have been getting a lot of threats messages. Death threats and all. I will like to use this medium to say that I am a GERMAN citizen by birth and nationality and so are my kids.

“If anything happens to me or any of my family member, you will have the German Embassy to contender (contend) with.

”A letter has been sent to the Embassy for notification already! Love and light. I will start posting publicly any threats because this has to stop!!.”

Shina Rambo married Heidi Korth on October 22, 2021, and they welcomed their daughter months later in May 2022


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