Bishop Oyedepo Reveals Why People Eat In The Dream – [See what he said]

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Some pastors teach that eating in the dream is not a good sign. They preach that it is a wake-up call for you to get serious with prayers, as the devil might be planning some misfortune for you.

Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of Living Faith Church, has explained why people might find themselves eating in the dream. During his sermon at the special prophetic release service, he warned his congregation to beware of spiritual slumbering. He declared the release of any member of his congregation from the grave of spiritual slumbering.

He explained that when you find yourself in a state of spiritual slumber, you are in a state of helplessness, and when you are helpless, they can give you anything in the dream to eat, and your spiritual man cannot rise up to resist.

“A sleeping state is a helpless state. That’s why they give you something to eat in the dream and you eat it. You’re just helplessly helpless,” he said.

“Jesus came to his disciples and they were sleeping. The first time they were sleeping. The second time they were sleeping. The spirit of slumber just took over their lives. They couldn’t stand in the hour of temptation. They fled,” he said.

He mentioned that one characteristic of the spirit of slumber is that you will not be moved by spiritual things.

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