Can Frustration, Violence Cure Tribunal Verdict Against Adeleke, PDP? – By Adebayo Adedeji

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Since Friday when the governorship election petition tribunal confirmed that Senator Ademola Adeleke rigged the July 16 election that brought him to office as executive governor, thus his Certificate of Return be retreived by the Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC), Osun State, the land hitherto known for her good virtues and peace has been under siege owing to the mindless protests staged by some god-farsaken scoundrels in cahoots with the embattled government in the state.

First of all, it should be stated that the Osun electorates who rewarded the great accomplishment of their decent leader, Governor Gboyega Oyetola, with massive votes on July 16, 2022, are elated about the decision of the Tribunal to return Oyetola to office; therefore only the janjaweed, the devils on horseback, tended by the blood sulking creatures, are roaming the streets of Osun in protests, in desperation for blood of innocent citizens to shed.

The frustrated losers had reasoned sponsoring the hopeless ruffians to disturb the peace of the state and creating perception problem for the genuine mandate holder, Oyetola, would remedy at the appelate court the over-voting and forgery allegations established against the patently irresponsible riggers and duplicitous certificate forgers. What a wishful thinking!

Unfortunately for them, law is law; and it is blind to emotion and inciting laden messages. Violence can’t cure legal encumbrance. Only law, sound law, can.

Adeleke and his distraught party had their moment at the Tribunal to prove their case, which due to the perfidious over-voting committed by them and the eternally discredited academic history of their governornship candidate, they found impossible to sustain. Given this, resorting to self-help now would further injure whatever hope left of their crooked and profane democratic credentials.

Already, those in the minority who innocently trusted them with their votes in the last election have since realised that they are beastly power mongers and incurable prodigals who seek political control for nothing but to suppress dissenting opinions and perpetuate economic hold.

This class of electorates now knows better that a party that openly identifies with hoodlums and engages the services of miscreants to enliven their failed governorship ambition does not deserve to be offered another chance, hence their resolve to vote massively for all the candidates of the All Progressives Congress ( APC) in the forthcoming elections. Voters are no longer unaware that supporting PDP at any level of election in February and March 2023 is a path to institutionalising roguery, brigandage and violence in the country.

So, what is left of the savage democracy molesters in Abere, and the sanguinary vultures troubling the peace of the state, is to decently focus their attention on the Court of Appeal to vent their anger. It is still within their rights to seek redress up to the Supreme Court. They should subject their reservations, ranting, disappoinment, frustration and heavy ladeness to democratic dictates. Doing otherwise is an invitation to the wrath of God lurking and hovering to consume them. And the law of the land, in the same measure, won’t spare them either.


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