Naira Redesign Inimical, inhumane this Time… Omolaoye

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By Sunday Oguntuyi Osogbo

All Progressives Congress, APC Osun West Senatorial chairman, Hon. Omolaoye Akintola has described the new naira policy of Central Bank of Nigeria under the watch of Mr. Godswin Emefiele as Inimical and inhumane especially this time that the nation is moving to transition period.

He said, only unfaithful and unpatriotic statesman could bring such a policy at this critical period.

Omolaoye stated this while exchanging views with journalist in Osogbo over the current crisis rocking the nation.

According to him, the naira redesigning at this peak of the transition period in the nation is uncalled for, saying, it would be counter productive.

He alluded to the fact that, CBN governor, whose once shown interest in occupying political post must have been shown his exit way out of office.

“The situation is pathetic outside the fact I’m a politician ,if I were not one,I would have been having some feelings that politicians are wicked people in the sense that they campaigned and canvassed for public votes and people voted en-mass for APC in 2015 by electing Rtd Gen. Buhari whom we knew had contested for about three times on different political Party platforms prior to 2015 Presidential bid been the fourth attempt.”

“The hopes of Nigerians were very high with him as elected President thinking that he would actually save Nigeria from the messes we were experiencing then, based on that, Nigerians voted “Say Baba” thinking that Baba will do us good, we voted him in and now we are experiencing what we did not bargianed for, we didn’t barging for hardship like this, we didn’t think Buhari’s regime/administration will inflict injuries upon the hearts of Nigerians as currently being experienced”

“People went through unexpected arrowing- agony when he was the Military Head of State yet they said that he was actually trying to make things straight by then but now we are going through the hardship we did not bargain for, hardship we did not experience even when PDP was there”

“As a politician, I’m baffled that the Central Bank Governor -Emefiele who showed political interest to the extent of contesting for the post of president which the Nigerian Constitution didn’t allow as a Civil Servant unless he)she must have resigned his/her appointment with the Government before any political interest is shown/expressed.That is, the moment he decided to show any Political interest, he must be considered rejected or resigned honorably from that post. It’s a prank on the intelligence of Nigerians, that a civil servant who ought to be a public servant with expected decorum of being seen and not to be heard, to be humble, not to align himself with any Political Party and maintain a neutral position as a civil servant of high repute completely deviated from all the above”

” However,he is not to be blamed, because the Government who is the employer ought to have taken the right position/step by sending him out of Government service at the point when he showed and expressed Political interest to contest Presidency of Nigeria”

“The Government of the Federation ought to have shown him the way out it means that they are indulging what could actually break Nigeria into pieces, the National Assembly should beam a critical legislative light into the actions and inactions of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Governor– Emefiele by way of putting in place punitive measures for erring and compromising civil servant(s) in the system now and in the future .Such measures would definitely bring sanity,commitment,loyalty ,neutrality and dedication of Civil Servants to the system”

“The injuries being inflicted on Nigerians should be critically looked into by the Government to ensure that people are relieved from this hardship”

“It should be understood that within a political party, there are interest groups that may not align with the majority view of the politicians in a given political party, all the interest groups cannot be killed and what is within them it’s not in line with the majority view of the people, that is the reason why we have many aspirants when any political party calls for expression of interest for a particular elective Office. Each of such several aspirants showing interest for any given elective position has his /her Political godfather behind the screen whose interest the aspirant has pledged to serve through thick and thin though this truth is always hidden from the unsuspecting public/electorates”

“In many cases, if such position is not properly managed with political maturity it could eventually lead to intra-party crises and finally send such a Party to political Galo”

Oguntuyi Sunday

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