Just In: Osun APC Calls for Arrest of Sanya Omirin over Murder of Member in Ilesa

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The Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has charged the state Commissioner of Police, Mr Patrick Kehinde Longe, not to treat the last Friday’s killing of a member of the party in Ilesa-East Local Government Council Area of the state, Ebenezer Alaro, with levity.

To this end, it has called for the instant arrest, investigation and prosecution of the suspected members and leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who might be connected with the murder.

It would be recalled that Alaro who had earlier driven the bus used for the door-to-door campaign of the APC candidates in the local government last Friday, was shot by one of the PDP thugs led by a notorious political hoodlum in the area popularly known as ‘Bongo’ right in front of his father’s house in the community.

According to the Osun State Acting APC Chairman, Sooko Tajudeen Lawal, in a statement issued by the party’s Director of Media and Information, Chief Kola Olabisi, in Osogbo today, one would have expected the massive arrest of the suspected killers of the APC member by now.

Lawal stated that Sanya Omirin, the PDP House of Representatives’ candidate for Ijesa-South Federal Constituency who was said to be the mastermind of the killing should have been made to lead his thugs under a police arrest by now.

He hinted that what is at stake is the irreplaceable life of a young man whose life was cut short by some hoodlums for exercising his fundamental right of freedom of association for political purposes.

Lawal who explained that the matter must not be swept under the carpet by the police disclosed further that more lives of the members of the opposition would be saved if the excesses of Omirin and his goons are curtailed once and for all.

He reminded the police that it became expedient to immediately effect the arrest of Omirin and his agents of death because the PDP House of representatives’ candidate for Ijesa-South Federal Constituency has penchant for coordinated violence.

Lawal disclosed that it was Omirin’s thugs who have been attacking, maiming and killing the APC members and supporters from some of the towns and villages in the Atakumosa-East Local Government Council Area of the state which has led to the fleeing of the area by a sizeable number of the APC members from the settlements.

The Acting State APC Chairman said that it was nauseating and strange to hear that Omirin coordinated the killing of the APC member because his campaign billboard and his father’s house were attacked by some unknown people.

Lawal wondered who conferred the authority to place a death sentence on a fellow human being for allegedly destroying his father’s house and campaign billoard, assuming without conceding?

He urged the police to, without further delay, swing into action and effect the arrest of Omirin and his killer gang in order to show the neutrality of the police in the matter.

Lawal asked Omirin, how he would have felt if the murdered APC member were to either be his son or cousin? Or is Omirin’s political ambition worth the blood of another human being?

In the APC chairman’s words: “Based on the Omirin’s threats and outbursts in the past, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to submit that Omirin is a dangerous human being who is not fit to be living in the midst of the people.

“The video recording of Omirin’s past threats in a meeting which has gone viral where he threatened to use maximum force against any member of the APC that might come into his way during the last governorship election is an attestation to the fact that the PDP candidate is a violent human being.

“Omirin reminded the PDP meeting that he would not hesitate to use bombs, explosives and other dangerous weapons on the APC members to ensure victory for the PDP in any election.

“The PDP House of Representatives candidate for Ijesa-South Federal Constituency boasted that he would not hesitate to use maximum force on anyone during the elections”, the state APC chairman restated.

Lawal recalled how Omirin warned in the video that he was very ruthless whenever it comes to election matters and that it’s on record that he was using violence for other members of his party’s elections in the past.

The Osun State APC chairman observed that Omirin who boasted to replicate same violent method to win elections for other people vowed to go to any length when the election has to do with his own aspiration.

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