PDP, Labour Party, others have scored own goal on naira redesign: Festus Keyamo

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Speaking at the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) Forum in Abuja, Mr Keyamo, who is also a spokesman for the All Progressives Congress, Presidential Campaign Council (PCC), said that the opposition failed to align with the Nigerian masses on the matter.“Now you see a situation that we found ourselves, a very convoluted and confusing situation, a situation where the government policy on naira redesign is affecting the masses negatively because of wrong implementation and wrong timing.

“Instead of the opposition siding with the masses and urging them to vote out the ruling party, it is now the opposition that is telling people to be patient.“It is the same opposition that is telling Nigerians that Buhari is an honest man and he meant well for the country.

“They have over dribbled themselves and scored an own goal in the process, ” he said.Mr Keyamo said that the opposition turned the entire issue into politics and ended up shooting themselves on the foot. “They perceived that the policy was crippling Sen. Bola Tinubu, the APC Presidential Candidate because they see every thing as politics.“In their bid to heat Tinubu, they now decided to go against Nigeria masses, this is where they over dribbled themselves.

“Meanwhile, Tinubu who is in the ruling party has spoken against those implementing the policy to say that they are sabotaging the policy. So, the masses now see Tinubu as their hero,” he said.(NAN)

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