Gov Umahi hails S’East support for Obi, but cautions against clannish politics

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In the wake of the unprecedented feat of Labour Party’s Peter Obi in the South-East in the last presidential election, Governer David Umahi of Ebonyi State has urged Igbos to shun parochial and clannish politics.

A lot had been said regarding the percieved emasculation of the South-East from national politics with many leaders in the region canvassing for a president of South-East extraction.

The push was not unconnected to the singular reason Peter Obi garnered astounding votes from the region in the just-concluded presidential polls.Umahi, who addressed stakeholders in Onueke on Monday, said he was not against the feat recorded by the former Anambra State governor in the region.

While hailing the people in the region for voting for their own, Umahi cautioned them against clannish politics.

The governor advised them to embrace political partnership with other regions of the country in order for the South East to realize its objectives.Umahi said:

“The All Progressives Congress (APC) is not angry or condemn Obi’s feat as the south east has made a strong statement with it. One, however, digs with two arrowed woods so that when one fails to stick on the target, the other wood will stick to it.“Gov. Charles Soludo of Anambra harped on this fact and was crucified but his words have come to pass.

The wise thing for the Igbos to do is to tell themselves the truth that we alone cannot make ourselves president.“We have to work with other tribes as the south west did with the north and have succeeded.

We have to stop being parochial and clannish as who could had believed that Obi was talking with me up till the last minutes.

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