Lady accused of dragging landlord’s private part gives detailed explanation of what transpired

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According to a news that was published by The Nigerian Tribune Newspaper Online this morning, it was reported that the 33-year-old woman, Ifeoma Ossai, who was arrested by the men of the Ogun State Police Command, for allegedly causing the death of her landlord by pulling his private part, has denied the allegation, as she said that she did nothing of such.

While Ossai, who said she hails from Ndukwa Local Government Area, Delta State, was narrating her story to Tribune’s correspondent, she said she left Lagos State and started living in the house where the incident happened in June 2022 and it is a family house where four brothers were living in the main building while two of them who were tenants were in the apartments at the back of the hoy. Their mother owns the house, while the one she had issues with was the eldest among them and he is referred to as the landlord.

She said she paid N230,000 for the one-room apartment she rented and the rented apartment was N110,000 while agency and agreement fees were put at N100,000. But, the agent that brought her to the house was asking for commission which the landlord refused to give him, as he said that he did not put any agent in charge of his house and due to that, Ossai was asked to pay extra N20,000 for the agent, totalling N230,000.

She said, “There was no deep well or borehole that could provide water, and I told the landlord that I couldn’t pay that much for a room apartment without water. The landlord promised to provide water with the money tenants paid. However, as the months passed by, he did not do anything, which was against his promise.”

She said she was fetching water from the next street which was cumbersome for her, inconvenient and stressful at the same time and just last month, they drilled a borehole but did not connect it to their apartments, as they were still fetching the water from outside the compound.

Ossai said that fateful Saturday, she paid for energy consumption, then she told the landlord’s younger brother who came to collect the money that, what his family was doing to her and the other tenants was not good.

Ossai said then the landlord, and his wife both came out and he started telling her that her complaints were too many, as the deceased also said the N120,000 agency and agreement fees he collected from her, would stand as payment for another month when her rent would expire, and that she should pack out of the house but, she (Ossai), insisted on their initial agreement which was not fulfilled.

She claimed his wife then started insulting her, calling her prostitute and all sort of names and she told her that she doesn’t care whatever name she calls her but, she would remain in the house till the agreement is fulfilled and due to that, the landlord slapped her and she held his clothes as well, asking him what she did that warranted the slap after paying so much for a room in a house without water.

However, the landlord’s wife joined him in beating her, she (Ossai) fell down and she (landlord wife) started scratching her face on the ground, as she tried fighting back but, the younger brother of the landlord came and separated them, as he pleaded that they should go to their apartments but, the landlord went inside while the wife was in another room.

She said, “This disturbed me, as I believed I was injured for claiming my right. So I went into where the wife was and we started fighting again. By that time, her husband was inside making a call asking the person he was talking to to come and pick me.

But, his brother was telling him to mind his health because he had hypertension. His brother separated us and we went our different ways. However, I was in my apartment,.warming stew for my children when I heard that the landlord had slumped and died.

When we got to his room, he was holding his phone in one hand. So, some people brought salt, garri and onions to revive him but, it was to no avail. He was taken to a hospital where he was confirmed dead.”

She said it was the next day, she was taken to police station, only to be accused of pulling his private part.

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