Debo Badru should be praised, Akogun is only political infidel – Balogun Jorjor

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Firstly, it is important to applaud Akogun Ganiyu Muideen Alabi for playing well what he’s paid for at disrupting our dear party. He has indeed demonstrated how much disloyal he is to the All Progressive family.

We got hold of sponsored interview with his spoonfed media hub where he addressed the revered Alh Debo Badru in a way detested of faithful politician. The progressive and nobles of Iwoland would agree that Alh Debo Badru has been an exceptional leader who had at various instances and trying moment demonstrated his believe in the cause. On numerous occasion, Alh Debo Badru has been caught spending his personal funds for the success of political and communal struggle.

This is unlike the infidel named Akogun whose crisis with his principal (whose name will be disclosed later) was the foundational cause of his betrayal to the party that has given him platform. Photos and video evidence of his antiparty acts are obtained both from social media and from his physical engagement with the PDP.

Against the claim of the unscrupulous personality, we still need to remind him of how Alh Debo Badru made a public statement last month regarding the threat against his life by people he chose to serve.

It is also important to call the public attention that this element was only dismissed from Ilerioluwa progressive structure while the investigation is going, the APC Iwoland in general will still pay a close look to his lack of loyalty. Akogun is therefore encouraged to maintain mute for his personal respect and to avoid his irreputable being exposed.

Alh Debo Badru remains an instance of political excellence.

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