Ibadan Road Safety Officer Got Credited N30 Instead of N3,000 Illegal Requested Fine From Driver

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How the Ibadan Road Safety Officer Got Credited N30 Instead of N3,000 Requested Fine for the Absence of a First Aid Box in the Driver’s Car

It was a dramatic moment with Ibadan Road Safety at Iwo Road yesterday, 23rd of April, 2023 when a driver was stopped for a checkup.

According to the reports, the Road Safety Officer requested the car papers which were given to them, including the driver’s license, but surprisingly, they insisted on payment before they can release the driver’s documents, which the driver declined since his paper and driving license are valid.

It was reported that the moment they realized the driver was not ready to give them money, they started inspecting the interior and exterior of the car, which included the fire extinguisher and tire expiration date. Unfortunately, the tire expiration date is still far away, in 2023, while the fire extinguisher is intact.

At this point, they felt disappointed but insisted that the driver won’t escape without paying them, even though everything they checked is valid. They proceeded to ask why the driver failed to have a first aid box inside his car and a rope in case the motor stopped working on the highway.

The driver said, “I’m tired of this drama and time-wasting and need to leave Ibadan for an important assignment, so I’ve no choice since they insisted that I have to pay for the offense of not having a first aid box and rope, which they said was five thousand naira (N5,000) but later agreed to (N3,000).”

“But at the moment of the transaction, I noticed the account the road safety officer called was his personal account, so I transferred money to his account, even though they hoped it was the amount they requested, but it was only N30 naira I transferred to him.” he concluded

The attached picture is the proof of the transaction and the name of the officer.

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