Police recover d*ad body of missing Okada rider in Osun

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The deceased went missing after being hired to convey bags of cement to a construction site.

The deceased was said to have lived in Owode-Ede with his family, where he also worked as a commercial motorcyclist.

Some of Segun’s colleagues, who spoke on his death on a condition of anonymity, stated that some yet-to-be-identified persons hired him to assist them convey some bags of cement to a construction site located in a secluded part of the town.

Segun, according to them (his colleagues), was nowhere to be found after he was hired.

Segun’s decomposing body was however discovered in Oke Ayo, Owode-Ede, on Saturday, May 20, 2023, by some residents that got alarmed by the stench coming from an uncompleted building in the area.

“Since May 12 that he was hired by some people to help them move some bags of cement to a construction site, Segun had not been seen.

“We searched everywhere for him. Members of his family also went everywhere looking for him but there was no luck until Saturday evening when people around Oke Ayo, Owode here, after perceiving stench from an uncompleted building, contacted the police.

“Segun’s decomposing body was found facing the ground, and a bag of cement was lying close to where his corpse was discovered inside the building. Police operatives came around and evacuated the body.

“Many colleagues of the deceased are not offering services today as a mark of respect for him. It is unfortunate we lost him just like that. Commercial motorcyclists are becoming endangered species. We need more protection now, as this kind of incident is becoming rampant,” one of his colleagues was quoted as saying.

Confirming the incident, Osun Police Spokesperson, Yemisi Opalola said the remains of the deceased were already evacuated, adding that the command had commenced an investigation to unravel the circumstances leading to the disappearance and death of the motorcyclist.


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