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The Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that Indians were the top nationality for cross-sector skilled workers in UK. According to the latest statistics, skilled worker visas granted to Indians rose 63 per cent, from 13,390 in 2021-22 to 21,837 in 2022-23.

“Indian nationals were the top nationality for visas in the ‘Worker’ category, representing one third (33 per cent) of grants, and were by far the top nationality for both the ‘Skilled Worker’ and ‘Skilled Worker – Health and Care’ visas,” the Home Office analysis noted.

The statistics also showed that skilled worker visas granted to Indians rose 63 per cent, from 13,390 in 2021-22 to 21,837 in 2022-23. In the healthcare visa category, Indians registered an even higher 105 per cent hike from 14,485 to 29,726.

1) Migrating with a job offer
2) Migrating on a student visa
3) Migrating as an entrepreneur
4) Migrating as an investor
5) Migrating after getting married to a UK citizen

For individuals applying under the current UK visa schemes, your eligibility is determined based on your score on the UK Tier Points-based System. The Points-based system verifies the eligibility of the aspirant against relevant factors – work, study, or business visas. The most common visa schemes used by Indians migrating to UK from India are:

1) Tier 1 Visa
This type of visa scheme is specifically designed for migrants who are considered VIPs or special aspirants. Entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in UK, talented individuals and promising individuals are granted visa under this category.

To be eligible for a Tier 1 Visa, you must score a total of 95 points and meet all the other requirements under the Immigration Rules. You need to have a minimum of £200,000 in your bank account(or £50,000 if applying as a graduate entrepreneur).

2) Tier 2 Visa
This scheme is applicable to skilled and qualified workers applying for a job in the UK. You will need a letter of recommendation from employer to be considered for this. Workers who get transferred to different branches in the UK are granted visa under this scheme. Further, sportsperson and religious visas are also issued under this scheme.

Tier 2 visa applicants must have at least 70 points to qualify for the visa. You can score 30 points with a job offer or an employer sponsorship certificate. You get another 30 points if your occupation is listed in the Skills Shortage list. With these 60 points, it will be relatively easy to get the remaining points to qualify.

3) Tier 4 Visa
Student visa is issued under this tier type. To be eligible, you will have to show proof that you have received a confirmed admission letter from your intended institute.

For student visa, candidate should be above the age of 16, have an English proficiency test result with minimum score requirements.

4) Tier 5 Visa
This is the most common type of visa issued by the UK and allows more than 50,000 aspirants to enter the country every year. This visa has six sub tiers under it and includes categories like sports, charity, religious purposes, etc.

5) UK business Visa

This category is for business aspirants looking to move to the UK for a longer time.
To be eligible for this visa, you must be 18 and above. You will also need to show your health reports and provide a proof of business you own and the activities you are going to participate in while you are in the UK. You will also need to show an invitation letter from the company you plan on doing business with.

6) UK family Visa

This is a special category that allows family members of UK-based citizens to visit the UK.

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