Breaking: UK increases student’s visa to N476,667, raises fee for visitors – See New Price list

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The United Kingdom Home Office has declared a substantial rise in visit and student visa fees, with effect from October 4.

A visit visa for stays under six months will now cost £115 (approximately N111,878.28), marking a significant 667% increase from the previous fee of £15 (N14,592.70).
Similarly, the student visa fee will surge from £127 (N123,537.58) to £490 (N476,677.59), representing a notable 286% increment.

This announcement was made via a statement titled ‘New visa fees set to come into effect next month’ published on the official UK government website,, on Friday, following the approval of relevant legislation in parliament. The government stated that these adjustments are aimed at securing essential services and channeling more funding towards public sector pay raises.

The increased fees encompass various visa categories, including up to six months, two-, five-, and ten-year visit visas. Moreover, fees for entry clearance and specific applications for leave to remain in the UK, such as work and study visas, have also been raised. Additionally, fees for indefinite leave to enter and remain, health and care visas, settlement priority service, and more have seen increases.

The government clarified that the income generated from these fees is critical for sustaining an effective immigration and nationality system. Careful consideration is given when setting fees to minimize the financial burden on British taxpayers while ensuring an attractive service for individuals seeking to work and contribute to the UK’s prosperity.

However, the statement noted that the immigration and nationality fees would require parliamentary approval before the proposed changes take effect on October 4. It was emphasized that these adjustments do not include the planned increase in the Immigration Health Surcharge, expected to be introduced later in the Autumn.

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