Mid-Year Report shows Oyetola treated workers better than Adeleke

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By Adebayo Adedeji

Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State came to the saddles with much expectation from the Osun citizens, particularly workers and pensioners on the government payroll, who touted him to be the Messiah that would move mountains and solve all the recurring labour matters once and for all; but alas, the Half-Year (Jan-June 2023) budget performance report of the state government released a couple of weeks ago indicates that staking on the dance-loving senator to become the number one-man of the state is nothing but a bad gamble: a wrong investment that is beginning to hurt all investors and stakeholders: because the available metrics point to the fact that ex-Governor Oyetola committed, in the mid-year of 2022, more resources into labour well-being than Governor Adeleke did in the first-half of 2023.

Whereas the state income from four sources of its revenue between January-June of 2023 was N54. 8b, the Adeleke government spent N19b on personnel. While the government of Oyetola earned N46.8b in total revenue, it released N20b to settle personnel cost. Here is the breakdown of the revenue under Adeleke: Federal Allocation – N33. 9b; Independent Revenue (IGR, etc )- N14.9b; Aids and Grants- N2.1; Capital Development Fund (N3.9b).

Again, here is the personnel cost for Jan-June 2023 under Adeleke: Salary and Wages- N11.8b; Allowance and Social Contribution (Housing Insurance, Contributory Pension, etc) – N3.9b; Social Benefits (Gratuity and Pension) – N3.2b.

In contrast, the revenue receipt under Ex-Governor Oyetola is shown below: Federal Allocation -N28. 7b; Independent Revenue N13.7b; Aids and Grants – N4.2b; Capital Development Fund N198m.

The N20b personnel cost under Oyetola is broken down thus: Salary and Wages- N11. 9b; Allowance and Social Contribution- (N4.8b); Social Benefit- N3.05b.

It is also intriguing to note that while the personnel cost performance to the 2022 budget, under Oyetola, was 54.6%, it was merely 42% under the Adeleke government. What this data means is that ex-Governor Oyetola prioritize workers/pensioners in the scheme of things more than Governor Ademola Adeleke did in the first-half of the year.

So if the foregoing is the case, is it not appropriate to begin to interrogate the rationale behind the civil servants’ choice of wobbling and ill-equipped Adeleke ahead of a tested administrator, Oyetola? No doubt, Adeleke is an expensive experiment that is fetching our people little or no return on their investment. He is a political MMM. A classical One-chance.

To be continued.

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