See How to Know If Someone is Recording your Phone Call Conversation

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One of the most common privacy breaches that occur these days is the recording of one’s phone conversation by a party without the knowledge of the other party in the phone call conversation.

Mostly, this occurs to people when discussing critical issues with another party whom they can easily be referred to as a trusted ally to whom the secret could be unveiled.
Recorded phone call conversation is one of the most intriguing pieces of evidence in the court of law or any field of argument to shut the voice of one’s opponent who is caught in the phone conversation.

Many people might have been wondering for a tip to help them discover when their partner on a phone conversation has launched an activity to record their phone talks, in this article we will be looking at some tips and observations that have positively helped in discovering when a phone conversation is being recorded.

Analyze your Partner’s Behavior
Whenever you are in a phone conversation with anyone and the person is not as free as you are on the call, mostly, while discussing a critical issue that requires both of you to speak your minds, be suspicious that your phone call might have been put on recording.

To confirm this, ensure that you put some sensitive words to the mouth of your partner when you notice this, if he refuses to give you a straight response or starts to be very careful with the choice of his words in response, you should be assured that your call is being recorded.

Also, if your partner on a phone call decides to delay a response to your question that deserves an immediate response, it is most likely that he is on the move to trigger a recording of your conversation.

Loud Beep at the Beginning of Phone Call
What is common to phone call recording is that phone call recording cannot be initiated before a phone call is successfully created between the two endpoints except if the person recording your phone conversation is doing so using a third-party recording app.

Likewise, phone call recording is triggered when your partner in the phone call conversation activates the recording app by pressing the recording button.

When this button is pressed, you will hear the noise of “button click” sounds and it will be followed by a “short and loud beep” which signifies the beginning of the recording activity.
Although this may not be accurate in all kinds of smartphones, it is common among the major phone brands and can surely be rendered useless if your partner in the phone conversation is using a third-party app for recording.

Besides, even if a third-party app or external device is being used to record your phone conversation, it will have a noticeable impact on the quality of the call and this can be used to discover when your call is being recorded.

Mostly, you would hear button-click sounds while your partner delays his contribution to the issue being discussed. Also, the external device usually causes interference on the signally established by the two phones, this affects the quality of the call and you may begin to start hearing cracking and background noise in your conversation. These are great indicators that your call is being recorded.

Recording Indicator on Phone
Although this feature has not been successfully incorporated into all the phone brands in circulation iPhones by Apple Inc. have been updated with a built-in capability to display a blinking recording indicator showing that your partner on the phone conversation has initiated phone call recording activity on your conversation.

If this is sighted on iPhones, be assured that the phone call conversation has been put on record.

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