“His Real Name Is Sultan” – He Ran Away Since 2020 and Disguise As A Woman To Scæm People, Eniola Mother Revealed

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The mother of Eniola who was given ₦400k by brain Jotter finally revealed the truth about the matter.

According to her mother Eniola’s real is Sultan we never named him Eniola he scammed people to live his life.

His mother revealed that he had four children and she is 18 years old born on September 5 2005, and that his how he gave birth to him with all his hands bend.

According to her mother she started the behaving like a woman since 2018 in oshogbo, capital of Osun State, she revealed that whenever they went to pick him from the roadside that she is pretending and wanted to scam people she will run again.

She went further explaining that she ran away from Oshogbo in 2020 to Lagos State to continue scamming people to help him.

See How fans reacted to the video below; Scentmeupbygaga: Chai! Omokomo lomo yii o! What’s all these for? Why the deceit? Na why people no dey help people be this. There are people out there that need genuine help and someone like this is ruining their chances🤦‍♀️. 

Kolawole2669: I know him very well in osogbo. His name na sultan . But he is good at doing makeups 

__queenyetty: Yinmu…… when the mother see the video of him dressing like a girl before asking him of money why she no complain….. it’s well

Maziaaiah: The strategy used is very deceptive and it gives me that social media has been hijacked by different people and this is a lesson not to take social media posts seriously as it’s fake. So it’s crucial to be careful ❗️ 

Jeremiahgreg: Them suppose lye this ingrate boy down wipe am 2 by 2 stick for back until him back dislocate,What an Idi@t he is.😢😢😢

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