“I don’t love you, I only married you for a Canadian visa” – Wife dumps husband who relocated her to Canada

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If you were raised on love, it’s advisable you ignore people who were raised strictly on survival – Such people have no form of loyalty and are always thinking about how to outsmart their next victim

Most African men who relocate their wives abroad end up regretting making such decisions – Because once their partners get there, they start to channel the wicked energy inside them which was initially hidden.

During a live session on Instagram with the popular OAP, Daddy Freeze, a guest narrated how her friend was left stranded by his wife.

According to Daddy Freeze’s guest, the woman claimed that the lady only agreed to marry her husband because he was relocating to Canada; a shortcut for her to leave Nigeria without hectic costs and processing

“My friend was the one who took her to Canada but few years after they got there, she divorced my friend saying ‘i don’t love you, I only married you because you were going to Canada,” she narrated.

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