Drama in Osun as Senate Deputy Minority Leader Oyewumi Calls Constituent “Daft” in Heated WhatsApp Exchange

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Osun West Senator, Akogun Lere Oyewumi, faced backlash after dismissing a constituent’s inquiry about his and the Governor’s achievements in Irewole Local Government as “daft” in a fiery WhatsApp group chat.

In a surprising turn of events, Senator Oyewumi struggled to list his accomplishments over the past five months and, seemingly frustrated, resorted to name-calling in response to a question about developments in Irewole. The exchange unfolded on a local WhatsApp group, revealing the senator’s apparent irritation.

Expressing discontent, Oyewumi stated, “Why are you so daft like this? Apc served for 12 years in Osun state; can you state their impact in Ikire, your own town? With all the appointments in Ikire?” He continued to compare achievements, citing the endeavors of Senator Ademola Adeleke, highlighting road projects, school reconstructions, and community welfare initiatives.

The incident has sparked controversy, with constituents criticizing the Senator’s choice of words and demanding a more constructive engagement on matters of public interest. The exchange underscores growing tensions between elected officials and the communities they represent, raising questions about accountability and transparency in governance.

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