Side Chick Commits Suicide After Sugar Daddy Dumps Her To Concentrate On Wife, Kids

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A Nigerian woman named Florence has tragically taken her own life following the termination of her relationship by her married sugar daddy.

The heartbreaking incident unfolded when the married man decided to prioritize his family over the extramarital affair.

Sources reveal that Florence harboured hopes of a future with her sugar daddy, anticipating that he would eventually divorce his wife to be with her.

Unfortunately, her dreams were shattered, and she found herself trapped in a disillusioned state.

The devastating blow came when her sugar daddy unequivocally instructed her to cease all contact, emphasising his commitment to focusing on his family.

Struggling to cope with the emotional turmoil of the breakup, witnesses report that Florence resorted to consuming rat poison as a tragic means to end her life.

This heartbreaking story sheds light on the profound impact of complicated relationships and the devastating consequences that can ensue when emotions run high.

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@Lilan Helbert – No sympathy for this one I beg I need adonko next level .
@Iam Blessy 1 – Hmm )d) de nipa bedru akyire o hmmm

@Nielakourt – Eeeeiii????? on top of someone’s husband
@Daakyehemaa – Kwaasiaaaaa line sei

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