Tarteelul-Quran Competition Proceeds to Final Round, Announces Recognition for Sheikh Muhal Badrudeen Amin, Sheikh Ahmad Adedimeji, Sheikh Abdulbaaqi Muhammad and Sheikh Abdulrahman Ajiko

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The eagerly anticipated Tarteelul-Quran Competition, hosted by the BalogunJorjor Initiative and Ibnof Travels and Tours, has successfully completed its first round, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards crowning the champions of Quranic recitation.

The inaugural round, held on the 20th of March 2024 at the esteemed Iwo Central Mosque Hall, saw a robust turnout of 28 participants showcasing their proficiency in reciting the Half of the Holy Book (Nisful-Quran).

As the competition progresses, anticipation mounts for the final showdown, set to take place on the 3rd of April 2024 at the prestigious Iwo City Hall. Organizers project that out of the initial 28 participants, 10 will advance to the final round, where they will vie for the prize of ₦150 000, ₦100,000 and ₦50,000.

BalogunJorjor has also announced plans to recognize the early runners in Iwoland Islamic knowledge. He mentioned the four pillars which he named, Fadheelatus-Sheik Mualiy Badrudeen of Amin Arabic Institute, Sheikh Ahmad Adedimeji Aroworeki of Shabaab Islamic Centre, Sheikh Oluko Agba Abdulbaaqi Muhammad of Islahudeen School of Arabic and Sheikh Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq Ajiko of Centre Islamic Civilization (Markaz Thaqafa) In a notable development, Imam Offa has confirmed his participation as the guest speaker for the final competition, adding an extra layer of prestige to the event. Likewise, the chief Imam of Iwoland has been confirmed as the Chief Host of the event.

Other anticipated scholars include The Wazeer of Yorubaland, President of Arabic Affairs of Africa, President of Supreme Council for Shari’a in Nigeria, Mufti of Yorubaland amidst others. Abeeb Muyiwa BalogunJorjor, the visionary convener of the competition, reiterated his commitment to ensuring the final round is nothing short of spectacular. Plans are underway to engage esteemed figures in Islamic Affairs, including renowned scholars and religious leaders, to grace the occasion with their wisdom and guidance. The Tarteelul-Quran Competition not only celebrates the art of Quranic recitation but also serves as a platform to honor and preserve the rich Islamic heritage of the region.

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