Latest Price Of Bag Of Dangote, BUA, Other Cement This Week

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The strengthening of the Naira in both the black market and official exchange rates has not translated into a reduction in cement prices in Nigeria, causing concern among potential homeowners and stakeholders in the real estate sector.

With the cost of cement remaining high, industry experts and real estate investors have expressed frustration, describing the current price levels as unsustainable, unrealistic, and a barrier to investment.

The steep prices affect a broad spectrum of the real estate industry, including developers, property owners, and end-users, leading to inflated costs surpassing initial project budgets.

The former president of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI)-Nigeria, Adeniji Adele, suggested that the solution to this pricing issue lies in the liberalization of the cement market.

He advocated for the issuance of more manufacturing licenses to boost supply and meet the growing demand from various sectors, such as commercial real estate development and infrastructure projects.

Meanwhile, the Cement Producers Association of Nigeria (CPAN) has appealed to President Bola Tinubu to dismantle the existing cement production and distribution monopoly.

CPAN urges a review of the backward integration policy implemented by previous governments, aiming to facilitate a more competitive market that can cater to demand at more reasonable prices.

Naija news in their article, has deemed it fit to write about the price of bags of cement this week.

Price Of Dangote Cement

The current price of Dangote cement is N11,000 to N12, 500 per 50kg bag, depending on the location.

Price Of BUA Cement

The retail price of BUA cement in Nigeria is between N10,000 to N11,000.

Price Of Ibeto Cement

The new price of Ibeto cement in Nigeria range between N10,000 to N11,000.

Price Of Lafarge Cement

The new Lafarge cement price in Nigeria is between N12,000 to N14,000.

Price Of UNICEM Cement

The price of UNICEM Cement is between N12,000 to N14,000, which is mostly dependent on the location of purchase.

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