Ife-Ijesa, Ijebu, Oke Ogun state – See full list of seven new proposed states in Nigeria

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President Bola Tinubu’s administration under the National Assembly, is considering the creation of seven new states in a big step to change Nigeria’s political scene

Creating these new states aims to address long-standing regional demands and improve governance.

The proposed states are not just political entities but regions with deep cultural, historical, and economic importance, each state will be carved from an existing state.

Oke-Ogun State
Oke-Ogun seeks autonomy from Oyo State. It will encompass 12 local governments, including Olorunsogo and Irepo, bridging vibrant communities under a new governance framework. The initiative for this state, along with Ijebu and Ife-Ijesha, was set forth by Honourable Oluwole Oke, reflecting a strong local push for self-determination.

Ijebu State
Ijebu would be molded from Ogun State, encompassing nine local governments such as Ijebu Ode and Sagamu. This area, adjacent to the bustling metros of Lagos and the tranquil stretches of Ondo State, is rich in Yoruba history and tradition.

Ife-Ijesha State
Ife-Ijesha state proposal aims to split from Osun State, creating a governance structure for areas like Ife Central and Ilesa West, regions steeped in Yoruba lore and the arts.

Adada State
Adada state is proposed to emerge from the Enugu North Senatorial District, with Nsukka, a significant academic and cultural hub, as its capital. Sponsored by Senator Okey Ezea, this initiative is seen as a step towards decentralising power and fostering regional development.

Orlu State
Orlu state with a proposal of creating its state will have 28 local governments.

Anioma State
Anioma state covering nine local governments, is also on the table, each with unique cultural and economic backdrops that could benefit from more localised governance.

Etiti State
Ekiti state proposal is another ambitious project, seeking to unify parts of five Southeast states: Ebonyi, Enugu, Anambra, Abia, and Imo.
This proposed state, endorsed by multiple lawmakers, represents a collaborative effort to streamline administrative processes and enhance local governance.

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